Nutty Scientists Childrens Learning FranchiseOver the years we have found that our most successful franchisees have a mix of tangible and intangible qualities. A passion for working with children and a desire to make a difference in your community are two non-negotiable characteristics.

That said, your ability to deliver the unique Nutty Scientists experience in your market hinges on a few concrete factors:

  • You don’t need to have a background in science but rather a strong sales and marketing background with the ability to develop and grow a thriving business.
  • Franchisees must live in the market they wish to operate.

Physical location not required…but it is an option.

A Nutty Scientists single-unit franchisee does not need a physical location. Most franchisees hire instructors who then travel to various venues (schools, birthday parties, summer & vacation camps, fairs, etc.) to teach our unique programs. By providing outreach programs many franchisees do not have to worry about the additional overhead that is created by a physical location.

The Nutty Scientists Learning LabWe do have an opportunity to start out or expand with a physical location, our Nutty Scientists Lab. These enrichment and creativity centers offer franchisees an opportunity to settle in and let the community come to them. The location will be a place where children of all ages will gather to learn scientific concepts in a playful, fun, yet structured atmosphere.

Nutty Scientists prides itself on maintaining flexible models that can be adapted to the needs of every city/region/country.