Nutty Scientists presents original interactive scientific shows that can, depending on the venue, be adapted for small or large audiences alike.

Scientific shows are a way to bring science to children in a completely original format .We will make their imagination wonder with the different adventures of our Nutty Scientists in combination with entertainment, theater and fun The storyline is completely original with various experiments added as a part of the interactive storyline . Children get completely entertained and learn while they engage in participatory activities

The shows can be customized for an audience of 20 to 100 people

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Age limit :Age group: 6 - 9 years

Duration : Duration: 50 minutes

This show is designed to awaken the curiosity and imagination of the children with experiments performed by our Nutty Scientists.All the experiments are interactive where volunteers are called from the audience to help our Nutty scientists in conducting the experiments

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Age limit :Age group: 6 - 10 years

Duration : Duration: 50 minutes

A interactive story filled with dark experiments and surprising discoveries. Walk through fear and laughter, science and magic, to celebrate a fun filled thrilling event. We will meet the great-great-grandfather of all nutty scientists in the world, Albert Einstein…His ghost will be with us throughout our show, sending messages in code and teaching hilarious inventions and spectral spells …We will be accompanying the scientific hunters searching through dark mists for rebel ghosts on the prowl.. and solidifying them.

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Age limit :Age group: 6 - 11 years

Duration : Duration: 60 minutes

The new Nutty scientists scientific show that combined the wonders of science with the fascination of magic. Plot You will be in charge of helping the our Professor be admitted at the most prestigious Magic University to become a science magician . Make spells to see changing colours and diaapearing solutions  , defy gravity , see someone get trapped in a giant bubble and lots and lots of more fun ...