According to a recent survey from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, more countries test below average in science than any other subject. And many of those countries have continued to slip in recent years.

Part of the problem is that schools around the globe do not place the same emphasis on science that they do on reading and math. As a result, many students enter middle school and high school without a basic foundation for scientific concepts.

For instance in the United States, the U.S. Department of Education has stated that in recent years, two-thirds of fourth-graders and four-fifths of high-school seniors have failed to reach proficiency levels in science.

Without a critical foundation, it’s much more difficult for students to learn more advanced scientific concepts – concepts needed for college entrance exams and any number of technological careers.

We’re doing our part to help.

It’s our belief that children tune out the little science they are exposed to because it’s often taught in a textbook fashion that doesn’t allow them to get involved.

Nutty Scientists® methodology is all about a hands-on approach, encouraging participation and engaging children as they’re being educated. Not only do children develop a love for science, they develop critical self-esteem at a young age.

Science curriculum with a global perspective.

Nutty Scientists Worldwide Nutty Scientists was first launched in Europe and has continued to grow through programs in Asia, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. Our programs benefit from the input and expertise of scientists from all over the world, exposing students to a global perspective on the amazing world of science.

One franchise proving the world isn’t flat.

Nutty Scientists and its franchise affiliates proudly span the globe with representation in 40+ countries.

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