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Future Inventors
1101 Kalpana 11th Road Khar (w) Mumbai 400052
10.00am - 12.30pm
5 to 8 years
Rs. 3000
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Day 1 & 2 

Hydraulic Arm: Move incredibly heavy things with only the help of liquids. Build your own working model of the Hydraulic Arm and discover all its amazing secrets

Day 2

Brush Bot: Its not as difficult as you thought! You will not only be introduced to the world of robots and learn how they work. Pair with a friend and jump into the evolving universe of robots. 

Day 3

Object detector: Learn about circuits and invent your own object detector. Catch someone red-handed by discovering the science of sensors. 

Day 4

Simple Machines: Join the world of simple machines and understand how simple machines are different from complex machines and make sure own working models of wheel and axle and screw. 


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