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Nutty Inventions
1101 Kalpana 11th Road Khar (w) Mumbai 400052
11.30am - 1.30pm
6 to 8 years
Rs. 2750
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Day 1 - Telescope : Which instrument do you use to see things that are far away? Discover the wonders of light and the interaction with different types of lenses.

Day 2 - Kaleidoscope : Discover the magic of lasers and explore your own designs reflected in a kaleidoscope. Make a model of a Kaleidoscope.

Day 3 - Static Electricity and Fun Fly stick : What happens when you rub a balloon against your hand? Understand Static Electricity, Van De Graff machine and make your own Magic fun Fly stick.

Day 4 - Motorised Boat : How does a Motor Boat work? Understand the concept of batteries and make your own motorised boat which actually works.

Day 5 - Electroscope : Learning about electricity and circuits doesn’t get any more easier. Make and take home an Electroscope.

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